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    Rodent Control Los Angeles can provide relief to homes that are suffering from  rats, mice, or squirrels that have made their way into the attic, and even raccoons eating from the trash.  Call 213-376-5995 for a free consultation.  At Los Angeles Rodent Control®, we understand that these rodent incidents aren’t just found in the home, which is why we also offer commercial wildlife services.

    Who we are

    Rodent Control Los Angeles is a wildlife organization that with a team of Rodent Control experts who have been expertly trained and have years of experience.  As a respected authority in this space, the company has created the standards for animal control and wildlife management in the Los Angeles area.

    Rodent Removal

    Rodents are dangerous pests that lurk in many areas homes and businesses..

    Rodent Exterminator

    Rodents have upper and lower pairs of ever-growing incisor teeth and are the largest group of mammals..

    Rodent Infestation

    When rats find their way onto your property, the results are often more than just annoying.

    Rodent Trapper

    Calling a professional is the best option for keeping your home safe, there are a variety of avenues

    Our Services

    We can provide reliefs to homes that are suffering from opossums or armadillos digging at the foundation, snakes that are into the garage, rats, mice that have made their way into the attic.


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